Other Futures Festival

“It’s weird. It’s mindshifting.

Other Futures is a multidisciplinary festival and exhibition that presents speculative visions of the future. We need you!

We need your help to realise three specially commissioned events – by a music group, a performance artist and a theatre company – from Indonesia, Taiwan and France.”


Crowdfunding met Voordekunst

Other Futures is een crowdfunding campagne begonnen via Voordekunst.

In totaal heeft het festival €30.000 nodig. Lees er alles over op de website van Voordekunst.

Het festival beschrijft zichzelf als volgt: “Other Futures brings together makers and thinkers from all over the world who use speculative fiction to imagine and build other futures and invites them to share their visions with visitors from diverse walks of life. Most names are unknown in Amsterdam, some of them ring a bell,other participants are incredibly famous. Other Futures is the place to be for people who are curious, open to new experiences and encounters, positive about their own role in building other futures with everyone present.”

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