About Oddstream

Oddstream is a platform for art and technology and is part of Lindenberg Cultuurhuis in Nijmegen. Oddstream exhibits art exploring the possibilities and limits of digital technologies. Oddstream hopes to visualize technological developments in relation to a range of social topics.

Oddstream started in 2007 as a youth exchange in multimedia projects. In 2011 the first Oddstream Festival was host. After that there have been exhibitions in de Lindenberg (Nijmegen), the Honig complex (Nijmegen), the Eusebius Church (Arnhem) and the historic cellars (Arnhem). At the start of 2018 Studio Oddstream opened at the courtyard of de Lindenberg: an art and techlab were most of our activities take place.

Our activities

In our activities makers as well as the public are invited to determine their own current and future stand on digital technologies, and contribute to their creative aspects. Our program includes exhibitions, meet-ups, artist-in-residences, lectures, workshops and more.

Oddstream’s educational department stimulates and facilitates possibilities getting creative with technology. We focus on courses in primary and secondary schooling and MBO as well as extracurricular activities. In a multidisciplinary program for various levels new technologies are approached in unconventional ways while relating them to aspects of society.

While Oddstream is located at de Lindenberg, we also meet our audience outside these walls: by contributing to a festival or exhibition or commissioned by another organization.

Many of the Oddstream-activities are either completely in English or can easily be joined by English speaking people as well. In our agenda we indicate every activity to be in English or in Dutch. Hopefully we’ll see you seen at an Oddstream meet-up, workshop or exhibition!


Contact us via info@oddstream.nl.

Studio Oddstream

Studio Oddstream is located at the left side of the inner courtyard of de Lindenberg, Ridderstraat 23 Nijmegen.

Pictures by Henk Beenen from Nijmegen Cultuurstad.

This is Oddstream

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